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I am excited to announce that I am opening up for 2 custom leather hood slots!

This round will be for my 'Scout' and Bull Terrier style hoods, and not for custom pattern hoods.

If your are interested in one of the slots, or even just a quote, send me a quote request here to get the ball rolling!

More info below:


The lovely bull terrier! One of the first leather hood designs, and a design that I hold near and dear! This hood can be done in a variety of colors (want a pink inner ear and pink nose? I got you covered!) Each of my hoods is hand dyed, so if there is a color you're looking for, please let me know! Just keep in mind the more colors, the more the price goes up as each dye is hand painted on to the leather.

Price range: $500-$600+


My standard 'dog' hood! This style of hood comes with a few perks. You can choose your style of ear (floppy, German shepherd, doberman- something specific? let me know!)

Like the Bull Terrier hood, I can do them in a variety of colors! And just like the bull terrier, this will effect the price!

Price range: $700-$800+

Example of some available colors (colors can be mixed as well)

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