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Jan. 2022 Custom information

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Here I will break down the details of the custom leather work I will be accepting this round! Color availability varies per commission type, as I use different leathers for each.

Interested in a commission? Start by sending me a quote request!

I will stay open until I am full. I will contact you via email if your commission has been accepted.

Orders will be started AFTER February 7th (As I am currently prepping to deal at a convention!)

Photos and info below:


I only planned on opening for the waist tail belt and optional thigh cuffs this round, but if you are interested in the full harness we can definitely talk! This harness was an experimental piece, so some pieces may be adjusted slightly in the final design (for comfort and functionality)

My pony harnesses are modular, meaning they can be worn as the full set, just the waistbelt and thigh cuffs, or even just the tail. I include a modified standard fit belt with every pony harness so you can simply tail it up at a casual event! Can be lined or unlined with soft black leather (prices vary, as it is stitched by hand)

Dyed by hand - many colors available!

Completion time: 2 months


This will come as shown (with optional fringe) Bridles this round will not include a bit and will simply be the head harness. A bit can be worn beneath however if you already have one!

Onyx and brown colors only.

Completion time: 1 month


Available in cat, jackal, cow, and sheep style ears!

Dyed by hand - many colors available!

Completion time 2 weeks


Available in cowbell, standard 'dog' collar, cat bell collars, as well as chain leashes, leather leashes, and control leashes. Interested in a full custom? Let me know! Each has its own options and styling. (Spikes, bell type, and color details) If you are interested in a specific collar, I'd be happy to go through it with you!

Color options vary on type.

Completion time 2 weeks- 1 month

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