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General Update!

I get asked a lot about my next custom opening, so I wanted to make a quick post about it! Things have been a bit crazy in my personal life this last year, which has made it a bit difficult to plan for a possible opening. That being said, I still hope to open for them in time! Just sad to say it is still a bit unclear as to when. A very loose timeline is sometime in late summer as of right now. However, I've wanted to to offer custom color pieces for awhile now (custom color of designs I already have, not full customs), which I *may* offer in very limited batches sooner than this summer, I just cant nail any dates just yet.

Other than that I have a few things planned that I am very excited about!

Themed drops, more in person events, and more experimental pieces to name a few. I will actually be having a Spring Themed muzzle drop with some new dye colors sometime next month! Really cant wait to share them with you.

Hope you all are doing well and ready for the summer<3 have a wonderful rest of your week!


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